Story of CARaDOC 2020

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The convention started in 2011 after an initiative of the research administration of Centrale Paris (before it became CentraleSupélec). It aimed at creating a contact between the PhD Students of Centrale Paris and their future employer, mostly French companies. At that time, it was called "Rencontres Entreprises-Doctorants" and was conducted almost exclusively in French. After the 5th edition, in 2016, the organizing team decided to change the name of the convention to "Journée de rencontre entreprise-doctorant".

Since its beginnings, the convention was organized by PhD Students and received help from CentraleSupélec (former Centrale Paris). PhD Students from CentraleSupélec Rennes and Metz were invited to join.

The 8th edition

Before the 8th edition, the convention was exclusively targetting the students of CentraleSupélec. At the 8th edition, the event started to get power and momentum. In total, this edition gathered 250 participants and 25 companies. The evening was concluded by the award of three poster prizes and a jazz concert.

Birth of CARaDOC

In order to include more of the demographics of PhD Students in Saclay to the event, the team of the 8th edition decided to open the recruitement of the next organizing team to all of Paris-Sacaly and to make the JRED and event friendly to English speakers.

After having gathered the kernel of the new team (around mid June 2019), the former team of the 8th edition asked the new members to choose a new name that would better correspond to the new paradigm. Thus, out of some several name proposals, CARaDOC, standing for Careers and Doctors was born.


About us

The organizers of the CARaDOC event are PhD students and vonlunteers from all around the University of Paris-Saclay. We are affiliated to the Association des doctorants et amis de CentraleSupélec (ATACS). We also work with CentraleSupélec and the University of Paris-Saclay to give an overall coherence to this day in the construction of the university.

For future editions, we hope to keep on including more PhD students and young researchers from the Paris-Saclay area on the team. If you want to join us or become a partner, contact us by e-mail.